Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

Norwood Christmas Pageant - Saturday 25th November

The Credit Union Pageant was a great success again this year. Well done to everyone who was involved.

The next big event is the Norwood Pageant. It commences at the corner of Woods Street and the Parade (outside the Norwood Oval), continues east up the Parade before turning north into Queen Street.  It ends at the corner of Beulah Road and Queen Street. It commences at 10 am.

This year we are number 15 in the Pageant - an early start and an early finish!

Meet at the  Norwood Football Club car park on Woods Street/Norwood Parade no later than 9:00 am. When you arrive meet Miss Leonie and sign in.

Band Members:
Meet at the  Norwood Football Club car park on Woods Street/Norwood Parade no later than 8:45 am.  Greg will already be there with the van loaded with drums. Pipers arrive with your pipes but leave your cases in the car.  As with the Credit Union pageant last week, ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY.


Dancing uniform is the same as last week at the Credit Union Pageant.

The Pageant starts at the Norwood Football Ground (Woods Street) at 10 am.  We will be finished by 10.30 am.

At the end of the pageant we will disband (and meet parents) at the corner of George Street and Beulah Road. All students must sign out before leaving.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Positions for Pageant massed band

Band members, please see the formation below and ensure that you know who you are standing next to.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Credit Union Christmas Pageant - Saturday 18th November

This Saturday coming is the Christmas pageant.

If you have not already completed Care Monkey this needs to be completed as a matter of urgency.

Given the nature of the Pageant we expect to meet almost everyone at the site between 7:30 am and 8am.  

Some people will need to be on the bus and they MUST give their names to Mr Graham by Tuesday 14th so that we can balance seats. 

The long-range forecast for Saturday 18th is 26 degrees - this should be good and certainly much more comfortable than last weekend.  

Regardless of the weather the band is marching in our waist-coasts and NOT our formal long sleeved jackets.  

Miss Leonie will confirm instructions about dancing attire with students on Wednesday of this week.
Dancers please ensure that your hair is in a bun or braids.
Footwear - Black school shoes or lace up shoes.

  • Do not bring anything with you that you can not carry on the march.               
  • DO NOT bring pipe cases, spare clothing for afterwards..........               
  • If you bring it : you carry it or you lose it! 

All students should apply Sunscreen before they leave home

Water will be available on the day at the start and at the end of the pageant so do NOT bring any that you can't throw away.

Please note that the times are important.  There is no scope for waiting for people. 
7:00  Opening of band room.
         Everyone for the bus must arrive fully dressed.
7:20  Bus and van (for drums) leaves Scotch
7:30   Leonie to check in with the Pageant Coordinator at our site.
8:00  All band and dancers to meet Leonie and band members at the clearly marked band areas on the corner of South Terrace and Peacock Road.  When you arrive sign the roll. 
9:00  We take up our position on the street: little chance for tuning after this. We will be in a security area and no latecomers will have admittance - Parents are not allowed into the security area.

9:30  Pageant starts and we are at the very start!
Tunes in order will be:

  •  4/4's    Leaving Liverpool / Prince Charlie  (x2)
  •  Drumming interlude           
  • 4/4's     Scotland the Brave / Rowantree (x2)                          
  • Drumming interlude          
  •  4/4's     Jacobites  / Killiekrankie (x2)
  • Drumming interlude           
  • Keep repeating this

10: 30    Finish on North Terrace.
              All students need to be collected from the Torrens Parade Grounds.
              Mr Bennett is supplying us with a special treat at the end!
              Be picked up asap - we can not wait till the Pageant is finished for you to be collected as                     we need to move the bus out of the city centre.

11.30  Back at Scotch
           Students on the bus need to be collected asap

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Remembrance day - Update

Pipers - Hugh, Will P, Oscar, Ben U, Uly, Rhys, Sam S, Andrew
Drummers - Jeremy, Ben C, Bianca, Nick B, Ashleigh, Cassie, Tess, Hope, Savannah

Can I remind you that you need to ensure that you have collected your uniform from the band room today.

Drummers – check email from Greg please

Pipers – Ensure that you take your pipes home with you tonight.

All – Ensure that you have put sun screen on before you leave home. It will be warm!

Remember that we are meeting in the main car park at 9:15am up at Centennial park as per the previous post.

Uniform – Full uniform without Jackets.

See you tomorrow!

Mr Graham

Monday, November 6, 2017

Remembrance Day - Saturday 11th November

The Pipe Band will play at Centennial Park this Saturday for Remembrance day.

Not all band students are playing at this event. If you are unsure of your involvement, please speak to Mr Graham.

We are meeting at 9:15 am in the main chapel car park at Centennial Park, adjacent to the chapel (see map below). Please enter from Goodwood road.

The weather forecast is currently for 33C, so we will play in waistcoats.

Drummers please ensure that your drums are packed up on Thursday after your lesson and left on the stage in the band room.

We will have sunscreen, however it would be a good idea to ensure that you put this on before you leave home.

Water will be provided for us after we have played. A light buffet will also be served at the completion of the service.

Students should be collected from Centennial Park at the completion of the service (between 11:15am and 11:45am). 

Please also ensure that you have completed your Care Monkey notification. You should receive this tomorrow (Tuesday), if you have not already.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Final Year 12 Assembly

Pipe band to meet in the Caledonian rooms at the start of assembly time. Please ask to leave class 5 minutes before the end of lesson 4 so that you are all up in the band room on time.

Please ensure that you have your full uniform, including jackets. We will make a call about jackets on the day.

We are scheduled to play at the very end of the assembly.

  1. Drum Salute
  2. The Gael
  3. Will ye no / Nae awa  into Scotland the Brave to leave
We have a duty drummer for the day. Max S will need to be dressed and ready to go for the start of the assembly. You will need to get changed into band uniform during recess.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Piping lesson timetable

Welcome back for Term 4

I hope that you have all enjoyed a restful break. A reminder that we are straight back into practice tomorrow and all lessons will also start tomorrow. Please check your lesson times and ensure that you are on time and bring the correct equipment (Pipes, practice chanter & music)!

We have a very busy term with our first engagement at the end of week 2, so it is important that we have full attendance from band students at practice tomorrow evening.

Lesson / Day
Mr Graham
Mr Graham
Mr Graham
Mr Graham
Mr Massie
Mr Graham
New Junior School learners
Ben H
Ben U & Will
Lucy & Rhys
Oscar & Hugh
Assembly / Staff
Andrew & Sam